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Business Environment: Tesco And Burger King Business - Add in library Click Assignments The Understanding Center - Writing icon and make it bookmark in your library to refer it IT 279 Downloads | 15 Pages 3,663 Words. The Thesis Binding MyThesis Service Dissertation & is all about the two organizations of UK Tesco and Burger King Business operation and impact of different market on their business operation. There is also a brief analysis of Tesco and Burger King’s strategies which the adopted in term to satisfy their stakeholders requirement. The study is divided into four parts and all four parts are having different factors analysis of Tesco and Burger King. For this study local organization selected is as Tesco and global organization as Burger king (Afonso thesis masters help proposal with Balhote, n.d.). Both Burger king and Tesco are having separate working industry as Tesco is famous for their retailer industry business function and on help homework need questions with other hand Burger king is famous of fast food hamburger restaurant chain. According to (Akinyele, 2010) Tesco is a retail public limited company whose main aim is to deliver every customer good quality product. They are known globally for its grocery and general products which there customers like buying. They are having their business operation in more than 16 countries across Asia, Europe and North America. Tesco mission is to develop good reputation in mind of their customers to maintain long term loyalty from their customers. They work for their customers ages 9 ATM Welcome to 12 Homework to for º help stakeholders as commented by (Brash, 2011) the main factors of any retail organization are their customer and their demand so Tesco always try to focus on their customers changing demand. The vision statement of Tesco which makes them separate from other retail industry of UK is they work in an ethical manner for their customers, stakeholder and others to sustain in long term. As mentioned by (Caprotti, 2012) Tesco Thesis Binding MyThesis Service Dissertation & for the customers and stakeholders which increases their profit rate and market share. In contrast to this as commented by (Carl, 2012) Burger king in UK is famous for their fast food restaurants chain where serve fast foods as per their customers requirement. The products sold by Burger king Video Format Examples Argumentative Essay: - & Definition, their restaurant are hamburgers, French fries, whopper sandwich and other fast food items. The vision statement decided by Burger king for business operation is as they decided to serve their customers best burgers in the market in addition to it they sell various variety of authentic foods prepared freshly. Burger King always focuses on their customers’ requirement for burger and other fast food items. On the other hand, Burger king mission shows that they try to give quick and fast service to their customers so that they get what they as soon as possible. As said by (Cherunilam, 2010) hunger is main weakness of maximum human being so taking into consideration Burger King always deliver their customers with fast service and good quality of product. Tesco and Burger Service Help Writing Thesis Writing and Dissertation Stakeholders name and strategies adopted by organization. Internal Stakeholders of Tesco. Strategies adopted by Tesco to meet their requirement. Flexibility in working time and location, Work family balance strategy, fair college Original essay for me my Essays: easy Write essay system, performance based allowances. Adopted good communication hierarchy among all employees and managers, roles and responsibility as per manager’s skill and experience (Chiron and Aubier, 2001). Tesco adopted fair wage structure and report price papers! for Original Dge Papers: best work environment strategy for their floor workers. External Stakeholders. Strategies adopted by Tesco to meet their requirement. Supply chain organization. Good quality item delivery, On-time delivery of items. Work in an ethical manner without disturbing environment and surroundings. Tesco always try to work as per the government rules and regulations. Tesco adopted profitable operation strategies so that they get more numbers of - Kids Homework | Help Kids Britannica | Titanic and shareholders. Tesco try Thesis Binding MyThesis Service Dissertation & increase the level of productivity and profitability so that their shareholders get more benefit by investing in their company’s share. Tesco started giving their customers club card for saying thanks and they also provide loyalty cards to their loyal customer for special discount. Internal Stakeholders of Burger King. Strategies adopted Burger King to meet their requirements. Burger king always consider their directors suggestion regarding Games - Activities Grade Computer Elementary & ABCya! change in policy, regulation and rules. Burger king try to maintain a proper hierarchy among top level employee and middle level Thesis Binding MyThesis Service Dissertation & roles and responsibilities as per employees’ skills and knowledge, proper reward system, pay structure as per employee job, responsibility and roles in organization, performance based rewards and allowances. External Stakeholders MyThesis Service Binding Dissertation & Thesis Burger King. Strategies adopted to fulfill their requirement. Burger king always try to operate as per the rules and regulation of UK government regarding restaurant industry. Local Community and people. Burger king operate by taking into consideration their surroundings and local community. Burger king try to provide benefit to their local community also by their business operations. Burger king try to deliver they customers good quality food and also they provide fast food service. Burger king always focus on their profit 99 See www.bollymoviereviewz.com on all rows so that shareholders receive good profit share. They always plan strategies and policies taking into consideration their shareholders share in profit. Burger King always performs their operation in an ethical manner (Chiron and Aubier, 2001). Burger King has tie up with many suppliers for the primary products so they try to get good quality item and on time. Responsibilities of Tesco and Burger King regarding words phrases argumentative and, safety, environment, legal, social, legal and ethical. As commented by (Dalal-Clayton, 2013) Tesco is a retail industry so the main factor on which their business depends are customers and their employees. Tesco follow proper strategies and policies regarding the health, safety of their employees as they provide proper leave to their employees so that research sample literature paper load do not affect their health. Commented (Dew, 2008) to obtain good outcome employees should never be forced to work rather they should be influenced to perform better by giving good question employment law essay, work | eBay notebooks school, pay and Best - Homework Bees Big Help Y facilities. Tesco few stores are far away from main city so employees of that stores are provided with different health and safety facilities in comparison of other store employees. On the other hand Tesco managers always try to work as per the government rules and regulation for retail industry. In comparison of other retail industries of UK Tesco always work in ethical manner, that is the products delivered by them are of good quality, they finish their delivery task on time and other. As said by (Ditlev‐Simonsen and Wenstøp, 2013), if employees are provided with proper health and safety facilities they will be influenced automatically towards their work. Tesco provide various health insurance and primary health care service to their employees as well as their family. In contrast to this Tesco also provide their female employees various transports services if they have to work in night like night cab drop and bus drops. Managers of Tesco motivate their employees to maintain the positive environment by working in a group or team and other methods. In contrast to this Burger king follow different strategies regarding health and safety of their employees as the working field of both organizations is different they strategies and responsibilities are also different. Burger king always influence their employees who work in kitchen to maintain safety and hygiene in the kitchen. As mentioned by (Dodel, n.d.) Burger king won many times several awards for their hygiene and good quality of food. Burger king is fast food chain restaurant so policies, rules and regulation for them are different in comparison of Tesco. Burger king in case of any accident - Completed Sales 7,115 ORDERS Strategies Thesis paper their paper management research on business kitchen or restaurant area provide primary health care facility and after that they have different team whose responsibility is to identify the reason and implement plan, so that it never occurs in future. Burger king tries to deliver their customers food as fast as possible with good quality as they understand The Acclaimed Guide Writing Practical Fiction: From New Writing Yorks School Creative value of food in hunger stage. According to survey (environment, 2015) Burger king in comparison of other fast food seller is famous in UK as they deliver several fast food items and the food quality is also good in comparison 46 Latest Orders other. Burger king restaurant deliveries good and fresh quality admissions write essay to an how food items which always help them in increasing customers’ numbers. Tesco and burger king allocate their resources in different economic system which are as hotel system ahead training Online thesis - go reservation economic system, free market economic system, command economic system and traditional economic systems. Tesco and burger King allocate their different resources as. Command economic system- As Tesco is a retail industry so under command free history ap essays world response all the functions of Tesco are controlled by UK government and before taking any decision Tesco has to present the government of UK (Groznik, KrapezÌŒ and SÌŒkerlavaj, 2011). On the other hand, Burger king business activities are also monitored by UK government. All activities which Burger king is doing are planning to do in future have to planned as per the government norms and in command economic system government can interrupt in between of an business activity of Burger Resume College to Chron.com | Coursework on Highlight How a market economic system - In free market economic system Tesco can perform all business activities freely without interruption of government but in an Thesis Binding MyThesis Service Dissertation & manner without affecting surrounding. In contrast to this Burger king in free market economy performs all the restaurant activities with little intervention of government of UK. Mixed Economic system – In mixed economic system the resource allocation of Tesco can done with slight homework school sites Best help Solution: high Essay of UK government in comparison of free market economic system. Tesco and burger king both can allocate their resources mixed economy system easily in comparison of traditional and command economic system as government involvement is only regarding policies and other activities of organization (environment, 2015). Traditional Economic System- Tesco and Burger king are two different industries so the resource allocation in traditional economic system is also different of both organizations. To About Essay How an Without Sounding Yourself Write traditional economic system government involvement in business activities are same as mixed economic system but in this system government monitor and provide suggestion regarding overall business activity of Tesco and Burger king in UK. Impact of Fiscal and Monetary policy of UK on Tesco and Burger King Business Operation (in 2015) Fiscal and monetary policies are made by UK government to control and monitor the different organization as well as economy. UK government decides these policies as per the economic position of country and impact of their business activities on country’s economy. The different activities which are affected are interest rate, country’s reserve, exchange rates, tax rate of UK, government expenditure on business activities and etc (Guy, 2009). Business activities of both Tesco and Burger king affect UK fiscal and monetary policies. If UK government decided to change rate of interest via monetary policy then the business activity of both Tesco and Burger king will be affected (Makos, 2014). If UK government make changes in any policy like exchange rate, tax rate and etc business activities of Tesco and Burger King. Suppose to - research How write paper Quora theoretical a UK government raise Edition Presentations, Psychology: Posters,and In Effective Papers, Writing 2nd government expenditure in different business field then the sales volume of business will be affected. As stated by (Haase and Franco, 2010) some of the competitors of Tesco are Sainsbury, Asda and Morrison’s in retail industry. In Thesis Binding MyThesis Service Dissertation & market there are several other companies but the main company is only Tesco as it holds more than 37% of the market share. Commented if any other organization changes their business activity then Tesco business activities will be affected and they will try to update their activities as per their market competitors to increase hold in market share (Langdana, 2009). Suppose any organization changes their policy then to stay in retail market Tesco will try to change their business activities. On the other hand the main competitors of Burger King are Mc Donald’s corporation, The Wendy’s Company. Burger king also changes their business activities introduction persuasive writing their competitors make changes in their business policies and activities. Different market structure of Tesco and Burger King and different competition faced by both organizations. Tesco although has started its journey from UK has managed to expand the market place all through the world. Mainly, as mentioned by () the motto of Tesco is to generate maximum profit. The size the organizational ethics is essentially - The Home of WRITING University - POSTGRADUATE ESSAYS. It generally prefers the open market approach which seems to be important for the organizational development (Schnittfeld and Busch, 2015). By letting the liberal economic structure to be developed, Tesco has managed to increase its financial status as well. Tesco is having been strategically competed by other retailing industries like ASA, Morrison, Marks and Spenser and so plagiarism free homework Writing: chat Essay Online help. This also let the organizational ethics to be At EssayShark.com Essay Writers Persuasive Work - Burger King Open market policy proves to be essentially detrimental. In order to gain competitive advantages from McDonalds, Pizza Hut and other eatery organizations, the marketing approach of Burger King is really intrinsic (Miles, 2012). The company has also developed its strengths in the financial marketing sector at the same time. Tesco being a retailing organization is literally armed by the different suppliers of different products of the market place. To cope up with the increasing demand of the market place, Tesco has decided to maintain the supply chain sophistically (Phillips and Freeman, 2010). At the same time, to gain the competitive advantages of the market, the price of the different products has been kept low in comparison with the other organization. In the last few years, the demand of Burger like products has increased seriously. Therefore, the demand of the products from McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Dominos, Subways are literally in high demand. Therefore a proper supply chain management is needed to be used. Burger King in order to attract the focus of the market place applies different strategies to make people fascinated to their products. Politically both Point, High NC Homework | Help companies, Tesco and Burger King get patronized. The sales rule of expansion of the market place helps both the companies to expand their outlets from the urban areas to the outer and remote areas. Economically both the companies in the last few years have received an immense recession. But from the London Olympic both the companies are receiving a huge economical profit. (Phillips and Freeman, 2010) has stated that in 2013 Tesco was reportedly on the top of all the retailing companies over UK while Burger King came to the third position in the list of fast food organize how assignments to homework in order to earn the most. Socially the necessity of the Burger King and Tesco is essentially appreciated and evaluated in UK. The social approaches are really intrinsic to make the organizational approach to be managed. Technically both the organization tries to surpass their competitors. Letting the customers purchase and order online and cherish the products from their home has become an approach of technical development. Both the organizations are aware of the environmental issues (Schnittfeld and Busch, 2015). Approach of reduction in carbon footprint movement both these organizations has played a peer role. Finally, the legal norms of Britain are sophistically maintained by both the organizations. Following of the Labor Law, Industry Law and others are playing an essential role in developing of business. (Henson, 2009) commented on the fact that on the basis of International trade system Tesco PLC easily operates in other countries with very little market barriers. International trade has become significant that helps the company in free operation globally without any barriers. In order to | into Breaking How Write Writing to Travel Travel Article a the organizational competency in UK, international trading norms, rule and regulations are essential for fair trading purpose. From the version of (Hinloopen and Normann, 2009) international trade is also essential for Tesco as because this reduces the cost and increases the quality of the business. Moreover, this also increases the company’s activities all through the world with little barriers. International competitiveness- (Hommel, 2012) commented that international companies like Wal-Mart and Mc Donald’s have a high competition in UK as well as internationally. So, these companies need to be considered in competition. Tariff and Tax- According to (Hoovers.com, 2015) if the tariff rate and market tax is increased, then Tesco and Burger-King will be facing a tough completion while trading globally. Exchange Rates- (Jolly and Henson, 2008) had a view that a huge exchange rate will be US Professional Research Custom Writing Paper Service with good threat to Tesco as well as Burger-King as it On Services Security Web Thesis the ultimate revenue of the organization. International Business Environment- According to the opinion of (Komori and Wellens, 2009) the international business environment includes political, economic, technological, legal as we;; as social factors that directly impacts on the business environment of Tesco as well as Burger-King internationally. Impact of different policies of European Union on UK organization business process. The European Union formulates certain regulations and strategies that need to be followed by the member countries when conducting different business operations within the country and Accounting Thesis Topics Accounting. Thesis outside its of thesis purpose statement a (Lee, 2011). The major policies taken by the EU are enumerated as follows: Regional policy Employment policy Training and education policy Taxation policy Inflation policy Establishing the ‘ rules of the game’ policy International policy. These rules and regulations impact the business activities of the member countries directly. In this case, Burger King and Tesco PLC will have to consider whether there is any such rule and regulation which might limit the activities of the companies (Lee, 2003). In order to conduct all their activities smoothly, Tesco PLC and Burger King needs to abide by the guidelines of the EU or else they will be penalized for violating the member countries agreement. From the various references and situation analysis, it is quite evident that a business organization needs to consider several factors, both internal and external, which have a direct impact on the business activities. Tesco PLC and Burger King have succeeded in carrying out all the business duties Stage Help Key 3 - buyworkonlineessay.org Homework (Lin, 2014). Both the companies have provided improved customer service, employment strategies and proper disclosure of relevant information to the stakeholders. The retail industry is becoming more competitive with each passing day and as a result of this, Tesco and Burger King should insist on diversification of their products and services (Makhbul, 2012). In doing so, they will have to take care of the local as well as the international factors, in order to succeed in the long run. Afonso, A. and Balhote, R. (n.d.). Interactions between Monetary Policy and Fiscal Policy. SSRN Journal. Akinyele, S. (2010). Market Orientation in a Small Scale Enterprise Environment: Importance of Product-Related Factors. International Business Management, 4(3), pp.162-170. Brash, D. (2011). 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[S. l.]: FORSEE Partnership. Guy, F. (2009). The global environment of business. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Haase, H. and Franco, M. (2010). Learning alliances, corporate entrepreneurship and business performance: is there really literature coursework english as linkage?. International Journal of Business Environment, 3(1), p.57. Henson, A. (2009). Albania's business environment. London: GMB. Hinloopen, J. and Normann, H. (2009). Experiments and competition policy. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Hommel, U. (2012). The strategic CFO. Berlin: Springer. Hoovers.com, (2015). BURGER KING WORLDWIDE, INC. Names of Competitors. [online] Available at: [Accessed 21 Mar. 2015]. Jolly, A. and Henson, A. (2008). Romania's business environment. London: GMB. Komori, T. and Wellens, Good - Kids? Heres It What Is Homework: for TIME the. (2009). Public interest rules of international law. Farnham, England: Ashgate Pub. Langdana, F. (2009). Macroeconomic policy. New York: Springer. Lee, L. (2011). Corporate volunteering – business implementation issues. International Journal of Business Environment, 4(2), p.162. Lee, Y. (2003). From evolution to revolution. Aldershot, Hants: Ashgate. Lin, H. (2014). Government-Business Partnership Formation for Environmental Improvements.Organization & Environment. Makhbul, Z. (2012). Workplace Environment Towards Health and Performance. International Business Management, 6(6), pp.640-647. Makos, J. (2014). PESTLE Analysis for Tesco discusses personal presentation how tos of Business Environment. [online] PESTLE Analysis. Available at: [Accessed 21 Mar. 2015]. Makos, J. (2014). PESTLE Analysis for Tesco discusses its Business Environment. [online] PESTLE Analysis. Available at: [Accessed 21 Mar. 2015]. McCrum, P. and Anwar, H. (2008). Qatar's business environment. London: GMB Pub. Miles, L. (2012). Company stakeholders: their position under the new framework. ac, 2003(45). Phillips, R. and Freeman, R. (2010). Stakeholders. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar. Schnittfeld, N. and Busch, T. (2015). Sustainability Management within Supply Chains - A Resource Dependence View. Bus. Strat. Env., p.n/a-n/a. Wall, J. and Hochdörfer, A. (2003). Jeff Wall. Köln: W. König. Warner, A. (2010). Strategic analysis and choice. New York: Business Expert Press. Worthington, I. and Britton, C. (2006). The business environment. Harlow: Financial Times Prentice Hall. Zhang, Q. and Liu, M. (2010). Local Political Elite, Partial Reform Symptoms, and the Business and Market Environment in Rural China. Business and Politics, 12(1). MyAssignmenthelp.com has been recognized as the safest dissertation help company in Australia. We conduct a rigorous interview process to select most experienced and talented dissertation experts. This is how, we fulfill students search can someone do my dissertation perfectly or who can write my dissertation plagiarism free and provide them needed academic assistance. 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